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Should I play Mini Baccarat, or Pai Gow Poker? ?

I am tired of Blackjack in the California casinos…
I don’t want to go to the poker room, and slots suck…

What game would you learn/play, and more importantly… WHY?!


Question posted by: Anton J. L

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2 Responses to “Should I play Mini Baccarat”

  1. LegFuJohnson Says:

    I like Pai Gow.

    The game goes a lot slower than blackjack, and you push quite often, so no money changes hands. Some people don’t like that.

    I never saw the appeal of mini-bacarrat. You bet on player or dealer, but you have no control over anything, you just watch.

    Paigow you set your own hand, and as I said, you can play a lot without losing a lot, thanks to all the pushes. If you really crave the action, try craps.

  2. aaron m Says:

    I agree . . .pai gow is a great game – alot of pushing, therefore you make a good amount of comp points and you can play with a limited bankroll. It is very tough to win or lose alot of money in this game which is good, I suggest looking for a paigow fortune game where for an extra $1-$5 you have a shot at bigger payouts. Kind of like the way 3 card poker is played. yes it adds a huge house edge, but it make the game fun with a better shot of winning big.

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