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I like to play baccarat but i wonder if there is a good way to win consistently which i don’t seem able?

Anyone know the game and how to win consistently.Any good ideas?

Question posted by: UMIE<>

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Published in Baccarat Questions @ 14 Nov 09 and last modified on April 6th, 2011
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3 Responses to “Is Baccarat a good way to win consistently?”

  1. LuckyLove8 Says:

    um the strictly mathematical approach says the best strategy is to simply stick to the banker bets as this approach minimizes the house edge.

    but most baccarat players will have their own favored systems. Martingales and laboucheres are less popular with baccarat players who tend to try more pattern recognition strategies, like the avant denier or follow the shoe. Which is why you’ll see alot of baccarat players with the pencil and paper..

    anyways, you should find a strategy that you enjoy playing and that fits your own gambling style.

  2. Player Says:

    There is nothing you can do that will allow you to win consistently.

  3. Joe Says:

    NEVER bet the tie. This is SUCH a bad bet, that in some countries, the casinos are not even allowed by law to OFFER tie bets.However,there is NOTHING will make you a consistent winner in baccarat.

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