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How many tie hands in a row have you ever seen in baccarat ?

Either in a land casino or playing online.

Question posted by: john

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2 Responses to “tie hands in baccarat ?”

  1. pdq Says:

    Personally, I haven’t played enough baccarat to witness any really big streaks of ties. I think I remember seeing 3 in a row a few times.

    I might be mistaken, but I’m quite sure it’s 1 out of 10 to hit a tie. (9 to 1 odds, so they pay you 8 to 1 on the bet.)

    If that is right, then AFTER you’ve seen your first tie, you could expect a 2nd to hit right after that once ever 10 times. After hitting 1 tie, expect to make it a 3-in-a-row about once ever 100 times, and 4-in-a-row once every 1,000 times. Again – these numbers are after you’ve already hit 1 tie looking for a streak.

    Add a zero at the end of those numbers if you are just sitting down and are wondering what the odds are of hitting any streak of ties right now. 1 in 10 for one; 1 in 100 for two; 1 in 1,000 for three, 1 in 10,000 for four; 1 in 100,000 for five; and once in every million times will you sit down and get 6 ties hands in a row. I’m sure it happens, but not very often.

    Last note – these are all based on a 1 in 10 shot of getting a tie. 1 in 10 seems logical seeing that there are 10 outcomes in baccarat for any hand. Please, someone let me know if I’m wrong about that stat.

  2. yoyo88 Says:

    I play baccarat for many years in Casino not online.
    The most tie hand I saw a row are 6 times.
    It means continue have six appears in a row.

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