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Anyone that knows the game of Baccarat?

If one is to gamble, Baccarat is a game to put your money on.
Anytime, and everytime, one walks into the casino… the baccarat tables seem to be bombareded with many asian people. Almost makes one wonder if they know something that we do not.

Now my question is, are theyre any strategies that seem to work in baccarat.
I understand there is no “system” that will overcome the 1.06% HOUSE edge on banker, 1.26% on PLAYER ,and 14% on tie…

There is no such system.

Now because you can not overcome the house edge, your betting patterns is the only way to get around this.
I have seen multiply shoes of Baccarat that players constantly turn a profit.. They know exactly when to bet.

Ive also found information where keeping a ratio of 4’s , and 6’s which makes the bankers and player bets more appealing, respectively.

Then theres the martinagele bet, where doubling each time…
However with that bet, its just a matter of time until it gets you.

Besides the methods mentioned above, any good ideas?
Mathematical reasonings?

Question posted by: Don

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2 Responses to “The game of Baccarat?”

  1. Tenny S Says:

    Before we get to that, for those who don’t know the game, it’s simple.
    You place your bet on either “Player’s hand” or “Banker’s hand”
    Each hand starts with 2 cards and can draw one more. There are rules on drawing the card, which is available at the table(can’t remember).
    Add the value of the cards(A = 1 and 10-K = 0 and using the last digit of the result) which ever hands gets closer to nine wins the hand.
    The hand that gets total of 8 or 9 right from the start(the first 2 cards), is a natural win(natural 9 beats natural 8).

    There is a method widely use by baccarat players. It doesn’t have or cant be prove mathematically though.

    As you may have already seen at the table, at least one or two players is writing down something on a piece of paper. The paper and pen are provided by the casino by the way.

    What they wrote is the record of which side had a winning hand.
    Some will also write what points the hand had(points or natural win).

    What they hoping to see is the pattern of the out come.
    For example:
    “Player” wins two times and then “Banker” wins, and the pattern repeat many times.
    If “Player” win 2 times again, the bettors will bet on “Banker”

    The pattern that most likely to make money for bettors is a series of one sided wins.
    For some people called it a “Dragon”
    Usually, if one side wins 4 times in a row, let’s say the “Banker’s hand”.
    People will then bet on “Banker”
    If they win, then that may be a sign that the “Dragon” is comming. They will keep betting on “Banker’s hand”, and increase the bet each time.
    If the “Dragon” is really comming, one can make a lot of money.
    “Dragon” usually last 7 wins or more(so far I have seen 11 max.)

    The pattern “Dragon” prove itself many times. If it’s showing, follow it.

  2. LuckyLove8 Says:

    Baccarat is one of other better low house edge games. The house edge is quite difficult to beat with any system though. But many regular baccarat players will employ some form of pattern strategy like Avant Dernier or Follow the Shoe.

    The best advice though is to find best rules possible, as this can differ from house to house. The best baccarat game around atm is through Betfair’s Zero Lounge where they only have a 2.75% commission on Banker wins. This creates a mathematically zero house edge. Doesn’t get better than that 🙂

    Good Luck 🙂

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