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WD Elite Baccarat in Macau

WD Elite Baccarat in Macau

Video posted by: adamsnowcontrolgroup

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5 Responses to “Elite Baccarat”

  1. esinkovits Says:

    True they dont usually but this isnt a real casino. Its just one of the rooms we use for testing.

  2. esinkovits Says:

    If it looks like he is not dealing correctly that is because he is not a real dealer, just one of the software engineers that works on the table.

    Good Luck on your dealer training. Elite Baccarat just went live recently so maybe you will see it eventually in your neck of the woods.

  3. korisx Says:

    The table looks real but the rest of it isn’t. I’m training to be a dealer in our Casino and Baccarat is my first game. He’s dealt the cards out different and they are betting differently, what the hell?

    What I learnt, you can’t bet while the cards drawn, and it’s suppose to be 1 card to player then bank then player etc… then the tableau.

  4. danimal519 Says:

    you’re being sarcastic right???

  5. joehsu7 Says:

    They let you video this in a casino??? I thought they don’t allow cameras?

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