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John Patrick’s Learn Baccarat

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Despite all its’ mystique, Baccarat is really the simplest game to play in the casino. It’s also…

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Published in Baccarat Videos @ 23 Apr 09 and last modified on August 7th, 2009

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7 Responses to “Learn Baccarat”

  1. Jas0n39er Says:

    Hell no lol, the bets are placed before the dealer pulls any cards from the shoe. after all bets are placed the dealer will call no more bets then reveal the cards.

  2. pimpmyride666 Says:

    I heard that if the dealer flashes the first card in baccarat, a smart player can bet accordingly to have an advantage over the house. Is it illegal for a baccarat dealer to flash the first card on purpose?

  3. pimpmyride666 Says:

    Casinos don’t cheat their patrons! They don’t have to due to the fact that the house has (most of the time) the edge on every game. The Gaming Control Board makes unannounced visits to casinos to handle arguments with casino patrons and to make sure the casinos don’t cheat. If caught, the casinos will lose a LOT of money.

  4. wongkaykong Says:

    yup, he is a liar

  5. licksuck Says:

    Dont listen to this fucker.. Casino have technogy.. they will cheat if they had to.. SO DONT GAMBLE.. its like DRUGS u dont need it.. but its A LIE

  6. Paahau Says:

    John didn’t really get off the blocks on this subject but he’s always been great for me to listen to. You have the sense he’s won, lost, and pissed away tons of money. Now he has his shitty ‘haircut’ and some basic structure for a game of chance whose odds are always in the casinos favor.

  7. Ecommerce Solution Provider Says:

    Amazing to find so much information in one, Thanks for it! and congrats on your efforts.

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