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Baccarat Tips and Articles

Here you will find a selection of articles about the game of Baccarat. Articles range from simple 'how-to-play' to more advanced tips and strategies that will help you play like a pro.

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Top Baccarat Picks for Saturday, March 17, 2018


You also can celebrate Birthday in this way.

Eric at Baccarat Table

“Eric at Baccarat Table” by darsys
My 40th Birthday Party. Me and some friends and relatives (out of a very large group). This was part of our gaming event.

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Another one reason to play Baccarat.

Naomi at the Baccarat Table - Smart Live Gaming Online Casino

“Naomi at the Baccarat Table – Smart Live Gaming Online Casino” by Smart Live Gaming
Smart Live Gaming online casino presenter Naomi Millbank-Smith at the baccarat table. Time for a game.

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Baccarat and the Chinese Popularity?

Why is Baccarat so popular in China? It is a French game. I was looking at the Macau number and the casinos made over $12 billion in baccarat in 2008 (about 86% of gaming revenue not counting pari-mutuals and lotteries). That’s more money than they make in all the casinos in Nevada.

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an article by Erim Jones

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Online Baccarat available at the Best Online Casino

Predict the hand of the dealers and the players, which will have the closest value to nine (9). Each card face is valued differently, and the face value of the card is counted as the points in Baccarat.

Video posted by: PlayPlatinumCasino

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